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AntiChafe provides a waterproof, friction-reducing film on external skin areas to reduce the effects of chafing, irritation and blisters.

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Dissatisfied with chammy creams on the market scientist and keen sportsman Grant MacDonald realized that he could use his extensive scientific knowledge and experiences as a sportsman to create a product far better than anything that was on offer – So he did.

That was in 2001, since then the range has expanded along with the list of top sportsmen (and women) who swear by MAK Technologies products. Among those who choose to use MAK Technologies products are:

  • Nathan Fa’vae (World Champion adventure racer), 
  • Richard Ussher (World Champion adventure racer),
  • Mark Inglis (para-Olympic sportsman and conquerere of Mt Everest),
  • George Bennett (member of Radioshack pro cycling team),
  • Britta Martin (one of NZ's top iron women)
  • Patrick Meffan and Neil Whittaker (competitors in the 2011 TransAlp mountain bike tour),
  • Brenda Clapp (NZ single speed champ) and Chris Burr (competitors in the 2010 and 2012 Kiwi Brevet).

By mixing practical sporting experience with scientific knowledge MAK Technologies is able to identify sports peoples needs and offer innovative solutions to leave the competitors in their wake. To ensure peak performance and quality all products are rigorously tested under extreme conditions by the MAK Technologies team and top athletes. Only after this testing is product ready to be sold.

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